You will need to complete a registration and consent form for your child/children. All records are confidential. Confirmation of your child’s place will be when LINDEES receive a completed registration form from you and a standing order has been set up for the 1st of the month in which your child is due to start.

Health and Safety

LINDEES will not administer any form of medication unless prescribed. The child has to have been taking the medication for at least a 24 hour period prior to club staff administering it. If your child has a minor accident staff will treat them and record the details, sharing that information with you when collecting your child from club. If your child has a more serious accident we will contact you immediately.

Child Protection

When caring for your children LINDEES overriding consideration must be to promote the welfare of your child at all times. It is our duty of care to Recognise - Respond – Refer to our local authority as part of LINDEES child care protection policy, should we have any concerns about a child in our care.

Equal Opportunities

At LINDEES we will ensure that all children attending the club are valued, respected and treated as individuals. We give all children the opportunity to share their customs, values and beliefs. LINDEES welcomes all members of the community, recognising the diversity of every individual. Our activities promote equal opportunities for all.

Behaviour Management

LINDEES aim is to create an environment that encourages acceptable behaviour from all the children attending both after school and holiday club. Staff will encourage and praise children for positive behaviour. The following behaviour is not acceptable at LINDEES Biting, hitting, pinching, swearing and verbal and emotional abuse. In the case of a child showing signs of unacceptable behaviour, they are taken to one side and it is explained to them that it is the behaviour and not the child that is unwelcome. If the behaviour continues a period of ‘time out’ will be given. Parents are always informed when collecting their child at the end of a session.